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Chess Tactics Training
Our database has over six thousand chess tactics exercises. You can solve chess puzzles online or print out tactics exercise sheets. This is a Demo Version with only 120 combinations. Sign in or Register for FREE to get full access.
Chess combinations selection by topic, level or players:
DEMO - only 120 Positions
Deflection (17)
Discovered attack (7)
Blockade (1)
Double attack (14)
Pawn breakthrough (4)
Piece catching (2)
Pinning (4)
Passed pawn (2)
Decoy (8)
Opening of a file (7)
Space clearance (6)
X-ray (7)
Weakness of the back rank (6)
Stalemate (3)
Overloading (9)
Interception (3)
Chasing (4)
Elimination of a defending piece (1)
Breaking the shelter of the king (12)
Intermediate move (3)
Complexity level
The glossary of chess tactics terms.

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